Craft Futures


Craft Futures is one of our core areas of design research expertise within Northumbria School of Design.

In the School of Design we have a huge wealth of craft making skill and expertise. Craft Futures is one of our core areas of design research and speaks to the abundance of knowledge in making across our fashion, industrial design and communication design areas of practice. Craft Futures is an active supportive framework rooted in this acknowledgment about our staff and students.

Firstly we value the importance for an individual of constructing a practice that is one’s own. We know first hand that there is great worth in developing a personal practice that in the first instance is not massively agenda driven. Beyond personal enrichment and development of skill we see how this impacts on the positive collegiate environment of the school. As evidenced by the work of our staff and research students it is also clear that personal practice often drives open-ended enquiry that links to wider topics and where this happens there is rich potential for collaboration and wider research.

Craft Futures structures strong collegiate effort to create the space and framework for people to share and develop their personal practice and research.