Connected Experiences Lab (CXL)

Research Group

The Connected Experiences Lab (CXL) at the Northumbria School of Design is creating the future of connected experiences, using cutting-edge technologies and innovative research methods to achieve real-world impact together with external partners.

CXL works with different organisations and companies to perform ground-breaking application-oriented research across many domains in both work and leisure. This includes taking advantage of new opportunities in immersive environments, artificial intelligence, rapid manufacturing, sensing and actuation, in order to design and deploy user-oriented interfaces and interactive artifacts.

The impact of CXL research is twofold. There is real-world impact from creating, testing and deploying new connected experiences in collaboration with partners. There is academic impact from generating new knowledge and publishing in top venues. To facilitate this, we have a focus on two-way knowledge sharing – sharing new research with partners as well as taking advantage of industry developments and use cases in our research.

All our research is performed in collaboration with external partners. Research projects are usually co-created and co-funded by academics and partners to ensure that there is both scientific novelty and real-world need. Regular public events are used to share results and invite new partners.

If you are interested in joining CXL as a PhD student, researcher, or partner, please contact Professor Lars Erik Holmquist,!