Alongside a personal practice focused on exploring new aesthetic possibilities that the use of digital tools hold, he is interested in how craft, as a materially sensitive and human centred practice can have value in multidisciplinary research projects. This value spans across craft as a material and making intelligence, through to a broader craft ethos that brings distinction from other design or art orientated practices/research approaches. This has been demonstrated in both national and international contexts, including as a Co-investigator on ‘Bespoke’ a two-year RCUK Digital Economy funded project, and contributing to the Unbox Festivals in India in 2013, 2014 & 2019.

Dr Marshall was Co-investigator for ‘China’s Creative Communities project: Making Value and the Value(s) of Making’. This was a cross-disciplinary research and scoping project to bring together practitioners and academics in the UK and China to network, research, workshop and publically disseminate ideas and innovations around the multi-faceted value of making in China. Funded by the AHRC/Newton Fund, it aimed to strengthen China’s multiple maker communities in partnership with the UK, as part of the UK’s broader support for China’s creative industries and knowledge economy.