Co-designing the Co-Design Process

Timeframe: 2018
Funder: Ageing Better Middlesbrough

Dr Laura Warwick led research into the success and efficacy of the co-design approach used as part of a £6,000,000 project to reduce social isolation in Middlesbrough and Stockton.

Ageing Better Middlesbrough (ABM) has been using co-design approaches to develop their programme, gather learning and make decisions, since August 2014. During this time, the programme has involved older people, staff, volunteers and wider stakeholders in different types of co-design activities. Dr Laura Warwick and team supported ABM’s Management Team to critically review their co-design approach to understand any value and impact attributed to it by the different stakeholders involved. Over a series of co-design workshops, the stakeholders reflected on the successes of the approach, and opportunities for improvement, in order to help shape a new co-design approach. ABM’s Management Team used the outcomes of the review to inform changes to their process for the final 3 years of the project.