Curative Things

Timeframe: 2021-

Curative Things was a collaborative symposium organised by Thing Power Research Group (LAU), Thinking Through Things (Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research, supported by Wellcome Trust), and Fashion Research Network. This symposium focuses on objects at the intersections between art and fashion, health and medicine. Examples might include clothing, prostheses and other wearables: things that have the potential to restrict, contain, embrace or extend the body; things that we wear and that wear us. To accompany the symposium, Dr Catriona McAra (LAU Curator) and Dr Dawn Woolley (LAU Research Fellow) commissioned a series of poster campaigns that are on display in commercial advertising spaces around Leeds. The outcomes of this symposium are currently being developed into an edited volume by symposium convenors Dr. Ellen Sampson (Northumbria University), Dr. Paula Chambers (LAU), Dr Dawn Woolley (LAU) and Dr. Fiona Johnstone (Durham University)