Enabling Self-Administered Healthcare Technology

Timeframe: 2017-2021

We are all living longer. Healthcare services are facing growing challenges because of the increasing number of patients who suffer from chronic diseases. Hospital based treatments for chronic illnesses are expensive to deliver and because of the increasing demand they may become economically unsustainable in the long term. This highlights the need to develop new approaches that empower patients and are less expensive to deliver.

The success of self-administered health treatment depends not only on the effectiveness of the scientific intervention but also on the patient’s willingness to follow a certain pattern of behaviour. Managing this behaviour is a challenge because of the diversity of factors that influence people’s lives. The adherence canvas is the result of a three-year research programme at Northumbria University that explores the role of Design Thinking in improving adherence in self-administered treatment technology. It provides a framework for the consideration of adherence factors in the design of patient-administered health treatments.

The Adherence Canvas provides a tool to consider adherence factors during the design of self-administered health treatments.