Timeframe: 2014-2016
Funder: Innovate UK

Flourish is Innovate UK funded project (2014) aimed to investigate the potential of applying models of well being drawn from positive psychology (e.g. PERMA) to long-term care for older people. This collaboration between Northumbria, Oxford and York Universities with creative businesses Digital Laundry and Cedilla Publishing developed a new digital recommendation service for the elderly and a number of academic papers including one accepted for CHI 2015. My role within the team was to lead and mentor graduate researchers to create ‘design fictions’ about future services. Inspired by Evgeny Morozov’s book ‘To Save Everything, Click Here: Technology, Solutionism, and the Urge to Fix Problems that Don’t Exist’ we devised a board game called ‘Solutionism’ to help generate ideas for design fictions based on qualitative data from the Flourish study. These ideas were then turned into plausible adverts for future services to help illustrate the initial research findings and incite debate.