Funology 2

Timeframe: 2018

How should we understand and design for fun as a User Experience? This was the question set out by the first edition of Funology published in 2003. The 2003 edition was the first book to bring together a large and diverse collection of works to deepend our understanding of fun in the context of HCI. This edition published in 2018 adds 14 new chapters that go well beyond the topics considered in 2003. New chapter topics include: online dating, interactive rides, wellbeing, somaesthetics, design fiction, critical design and participatory design methods. The first edition chapters are also reprinted, with new notes by their authors setting the context in which the 2003 chapter was written and explaining the developments since then. Taken with the new chapters this adds up to a total of 35 theoretical and practical chapters written by the most influential thinkers from academia and industry in this field.

The book is co-edited by Mark Blythe (Northumbria) and Andrew Monk (University of York), and has contributions from many Northumbria School of Design researchers and alumni.