Link2, World’s first Seamless Linking Roller Banner

Timeframe: 2014-2021

Roller banners are frequently used for promotional activities and consist of graphic material contained on a banner which, when out of use, is rolled up within a container, to provide an easily transportable item. It was impossible to link such banners together without creating a gap between the edges of adjacent banners caused by the location of the end plates supporting the rollers in each of the adjacent units. Consequently it was not possible to display one continuous graphic spanning across multiple banners.
The internationally patented Link2 enables a continuous uninterrupted graphic display to be created by linking together multiple roller banners, this provides a significant functional benefit to the exhibition industry and consequently a commercial advantage to the manufacturer.

The research associated with this patent was carried out in collaboration with Eve products ltd, a UK based manufacturer of exhibition systems, and was underpinned by a multiple perspective problem framing method (English 2010). This method was used to identify and consider the relationship between key “Cornerstones of innovation” (English 2007) relating to the container, banner, roller and endplates.