The New Saint Cuthbert’s Banner for Durham Cathedral

Timeframe: 2008-2012

The original Saint Cuthbert’s banner (12th-14th century), destroyed during the Reformation in the mid 1500’s, was arguably the most significant ecclesiastical banner in the region. The Rites of Durham (translated by Fowler, 1903) narrates battles where victories were believed to be ‘afforded’ by the mere existence of this sacred artefact. Registered charity, the Northumbrian Association, commissioned a contemporary replica (completed in 2012) and the banner now enjoys public display at the entrance to Saint Cuthbert’s shrine close to the original position it occupied during the Middle Ages; which according to Dean Michael Sadgrove, is the “emotional and spiritual heart of the Cathedral”. Asides from its static exhibition, the banner is also used regularly at the discretion of the Dean and Chapter for processions and services throughout the year.