Timeframe: 2019-2022
Funder: Horizon 2020

Open Design of Trusted Things (OpenDoTT) is a doctoral (ESR) training programme that uniquely brings together design research and open internet advocacy to respond to a rapidly growing need for trusted Internet of Things (IoT) products and services. Working with a network of international partners with expertise including open hardware, design, security and law, OpenDoTT will develop future leaders that have the capability and capacity to meet the many challenges and opportunities presented by the increasing impact of IoT, making Europe a global leader in this field. As the internet becomes increasingly pervasive, more devices, vehicles, appliances and other items are becoming capable of connecting and exchanging data. It is estimated that IoT technology will be in the majority of electronics for new product by 2020. While IoT holds many promises for humanity, there are also a significant number of pressing concerns, including: (i) the increasing integration of connected technologies into all aspects of our lives, increases our vulnerability to new threats; (ii) there is a trend towards closed, single-platform consumer products and services that stifle innovation and limit competition and ownership; and (iii) awareness and consent becomes increasingly problematic as technology ‘disappears’ into everyday objects. OpenDoTT responds to these challenges by training a cohort of future researchers and leaders capable operating at the intersection of technology, society and policy. Design research approaches will provide the ability to address complex problems with unknown and emerging requirements, while open internet values will ensure that ESRs strive for the most positive and beneficial societal outcomes for IoT. With support from a diverse consortium spanning academia, the tech industry, SME IoT communities, legal and policy expertise, security experts, open source hardware and the public sector, ESRs will be uniquely suited to change the shape of IoT for the better.