The MIT Museum Glassware Prototype: Visitor Experience Exploration for Designing Smart Glasses

Timeframe: 2014
Funder: European Commission

With the growth of enthusiasm for the adoption of wearable technology in everyday life, the museum world has also become interested in understanding whether and how to employ smart glasses to engage visitors with new interpretative experiences. The growing interest in wearable technology encourages experimentation with smart glasses, as this trend is going to influence digital media interpretation for museums in the near future. To explore the use of smart glasses in the museum, a Glassware prototype was designed and tested through a field experiment that took place at the Robotics Gallery at the MIT Museum. During the experiment, I observed and then interviewed participants. Finally, I analysed the data following a qualitative research approach. The findings of this study have to be seen as an initial contribution to the design of latest generation of smart glass apps, providing reflections for further studies and projects.