Transformations: 7 Roles to Drive Change by Design

Timeframe: 2017

This co-author book documents how design is being used to support change across different organisations, countries and sectors, sharing the stories of experts in their fields at varying stages of their transformative journeys. The book features 13 case studies comprising of international organisations ranging from private, public and voluntary sectors. Insights drawn are also supported by interviews with experts in the field. Organisations include Spotify, Telstra, SAP, Steelcase and Itaú Bank.

The authors present seven roles for change that are used to influence the development of products and services, the shape of the organisation itself and, most importantly, their ability to embrace change. These seven roles can transform organisations to be more innovative, human-centred and resilient: Cultural Catalyst; Framework Maker; Humaniser; Power Broker; Friendly Challenger; Technology Enabler and Community Builder. These roles form the 7 Design Change Roles Framework which has been used to support design managers and executives harness the use of design to support organisational change.

Related activities include a two-day workshop with design managers and executives based in Phnom Penh hosted by Impact Hub Phnom Penh, an online workshop delivered at the 2020 Service Design Days conference and an online training for the Service Design Campus.

Authors: Joyce Yee, Emma Jefferies & Kamil Michlewski